Testimonials from our customers

"This toffee should qualify as a controlled substance! Wonderfully addictive. Now I can get a fix any time I need one. Congratulations on your new booming business. " Bonnie P.

The best toffee we have ever tasted! Every time I am the lucky beneficiary of this remarkable treat I hide it from the rest of my family. Truly, this sweet, and until now, hidden treasure, is worth even keeping from your loved ones. I am delighted to learn that it will be available to purchase! — Leslie W.

"I have been enjoying this toffee for years and it is has become a treasured treat at all family gatherings and parties. I have a sweet tooth -- one bite and my memory floods with visions of festive holiday ­parties and family fun. The shiny surface conceals an explosion of complex buttery flavors and a sweetness that brings back the child in me. The toffee makes a great gift that can be enjoyed by all year-round and can be shared with anyone. Opening a box of this toffee is like opening a box of smiles." — Michael T., Los Angeles